"The wool becomes a rug, only because knowledge is available" from the book Weavers of Ricardo Paz.

Each artist safeguards their own livestock, the ones that lack of it have to buy wool from others.   The people responsible for creating these rugs are first line artists, and are considered by Pampa as the foundations of this project. 

PAMPA works with 100% sheep or llama wool, thus the process does not begin with the loomers, but with the care and protection of the livestock that possess the wool for collection. 

The process is complex, long and very creative. It starts with the selection of the fleece and the washing process of the wool.

 This wool is handspun with a spindle or distaff and then with two complete spindles, they twist the yarn and turn it into a two-threaded string. 

The dying process follows, most of the time weavers dye with natural pigments from plants and flowers of their local area, 

but sometimes they use anilines (synthetic dyes) as to get the more intense colors. The colours obtained by natural pigments are never the same because some of the plants are seasonal. 

They weave each unique piece on a loom that is in every homes backyard. There are different techniques of weaving as well as different thicknesses in the thread, which gives each rug its own character. 

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